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We are NEXT Woman; our goal is to enable, build, and enhance women’s professional and personal lives, globally. 

What are the NEXT Woman core values?

I am eNough

I am Enduring

I pursue eXcellence

I know how to Take

Using a series of properties under the PEP platform, learn how to become the NEXT Woman. Through a series of videos, learn the importance of applying yourself, master your potential, and enhance your education.

We are building a culture of continued mindfulness for women globally. Our show was created to help women lay the groundwork for their new business ideas, realize their dream careers, gain financial independence, grow emotionally, become more spiritually aware, and finally learn how to break tough barriers not only in their professional lives but also their personal lives.

The PS ShoW

The PS Show got its start as a contextual channel to guide women everywhere on their journeys of self-realization and happiness. Today, The PS Show has been redesigned and evolved into a platform for helping women realize their full potential, globally   �

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